2 comments on “Podchef’s Gastrocast: Seed starting video

  1. It’s really the Podchef we should thank! I’m wondering if he’ll do an extension of this video showing how he pricks out the individual seedlings without killing the plant. In my experience, once they get that second set or “true leaves” they’re pretty tough and can take some abuse. I sometimes thin them at this point and just discard the weakest ones. But you can usually separate most of them and replant.

    Based upon their size you can get an idea of how set the roots are. I pull out the whole set of plants (gently) and spread each individual seedling out and separate the roots. If you leave an even distribution of root structure for each plant, they’ll probably make it. Once you’ve got them separated, you can add them to another, larger pot or seed cell by themselves. Add some soil, pack it in a bit and you’re good to go. Let them settle inside again and start hardening off once they’ve established themselves and in accordance with your zone, frost etc.

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