6 comments on “Container Garden: Kyle’s Veggies

  1. Our three year old loves to garden with his dad too. Especially when the tools like the rotatiller and weed wacker come out! But he loves to water, so he’s been getting watering duty the past two years. At first he was a bit more of a handful than a help, but the older he gets, we’re finding that he is actually quite a helper!

  2. I think my son picks up on my complete lack of manliness when I go squealing away like a little girl when the big ol’ rototiller starts up!

    Watering is interesting so far. What I need is a kinder, gentler watering can for him. That would do it. Right now when he waters it’s like 40 days and 40 nights pouring from the sky… poor little seeds are going to float away!

  3. Be careful! That is how I got my start many years ago, gardening with my mom and having my own plot. Now I work to support my garden habit!

    Ali in Maine

  4. Yep. My slow descent into irrational gardening began with my dad. And now, still fairly new, but getting crazier and crazier. I will soon need a second job to support my hobby that is at least supposed to be a little about saving money! Kyle is off on that path too….

  5. Pics are great! Too cute. This is going to be great for him in so many ways. We don’t have a garden, but I love to take my kids to the CSA. I love that they know the source of their food. It can help make my children more responsible and respectful consumers. Sorry for the uber crunchy moment…watching little kids grow things make me go all silly inside!

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