2 comments on “Michael Pollan: Plant A Garden

  1. I read his article. It was long, but I am glad I stayed with it to the end.

    I am enjoying your blog; I found you on Blotanical.

    I will not comment on every post. But, sorry about so much rain, wish I had some of it about now. And, we adore Border Collies. Do you think the dog hair around the perimeter helps? If so, I wish I had an English Sheep Dog!

  2. Hi Barbee… your blog is gorgeous. Thanks for posting here. One of these days I suppose I should try and figure flowers out so I can have something pretty to take pictures of! For now, it’s squares and rectangles of soil for me.. lovely.

    I am 100% certain that the hair around the perimeter does absolutely nothing. I doubt that it could hang on to much of the essence of the dog that would be enough to scare off underground critters for sure and a rabbit or something would probably have to fall into it with its sniffer sniffing to maybe pick up the scent of something with larger, border collie teeth.

    And if they could smell him, that probably also get a whiff of his doofusness and realize that eager as he is, he’s not gonna chase them down any time soon. Too many fences to be herded. Too many clouds to chase. Too many chances to try and run after the moon.

    Seriously. He does all of that stuff. He is a great dog though.

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