4 comments on “$64 Tomato: Like You Need Another Gardening Book

  1. I read a review of this book last year and it gave me and my husband a good laugh. Considering we didn’t go to the elaborate and expensive extremes that he did to start our veggie garden, we find ourselves actually saving a lot of money on tomatoes. Can you believe that even at the height of the season some people are charging $5.99 per pound for heirlooms at the farmers markets? Nuts! In the town we live in, with so many gardners, we can’t even give the things away for free!

  2. Yeah. And listen, I’m no finance wizard, but every good gardener who also works for a soul-sucking giant corporation understands this:

    GAAP says you can defer your acquisition costs over the expected life of the returning commodity. Now, with the life-giving properties of a tomato, flavonoids etc., and the average life expectancy of 73 years, a tomato planted at age 35 provides 38 years of healthy living. Take your initial sunk costs (minus some fixed items) of $3,000 to build an elaborate garden (and not one like my silly little chicken wire dirt pile) and you more than overcome your costs. Not even close to $64.

    Besides, tomatoes like brandywines just taste good. I’d even consider paying $5.99 a pound! Luckily, we gardeners don’t have to.

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