2 comments on “Sunday In April: Sowing The Seeds Of Love

  1. I’m afraid to read further and see what happened to your beans after the cold rainy spell we had in May. Conventional gardening wisdom in CT calls for planting beans no sooner than May 15th due to our often cold rainy springs rotting the beans or frosts killing the seedlings. So I waited until May 18th to put mine in this year.

  2. You are right Heather… I don’t recall exactly when, but I WAY jumped the gun on those original beans which I planted around mid April. Most of them did not germinate and then some time around May 20th, I planted them again. SOme of the pole beans took from the original batch and the beans in my son’s little container garden took also. In fact, he and I harvested 5 of those beans just a couple of days ago!

    Next year, a little patience… May 15th is probably a good date.

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