6 comments on “40 Days Worth In Just One Night?

  1. I’ve surveyed the damage… doesn’t look too bad. Part of the problem is that although my beds are raised about 6 inches, they are not in a frame. So, the water washes the soil off and down into the pathways between the beds until the soil really settles in and the veggie roots provide some stability.

    But it looks like everything survived and the seeds rode the storm out for the most part. I’m sure that some of them floated away and I’ll find arugula growing in my pathways…

    More rain today and through the weekend.

  2. The rains will stop and your veggies will thrive. Great start on the blog. I will look forward to seeing the development of your plot. Keep up the good work. I found you on blotanical, it really is a great community for gardening blogs.

  3. Thanks Mike! The soil certainly needed the rain. Things are going to get very green very quickly here in Connecticut now.

    So far blotanical is great. It’s been hard to find vegetable gardening blogs up until now for me, but blotanical certainly makes it easy.

  4. Nice radar map, I can see my place too on here. We’re in Huntington on the north shore of Long Island.

    That was some rain! But I can say that my garden is greener than ever now. Unfortunately last night’s cold temperatures are not what I really wished for.

  5. Hi Melanie.. thanks for coming by.

    Yep.. I think the rain did me some good. Now tonight (Wednesday 4/30) we are going to get some kind of a frost. I think I will be okay. I’ve got some potatoes in the ground and some beans that aren’t going to like it all that much, but everything else should be able to tolerate it.

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