9 comments on “Fascinating Fake Panorama

  1. Well, the truth is, because I’m such a horrible measurer and diggerer, they lack the proper four right angles of a real rectangle. They’re more like dirty, brown smooshes.

  2. It’ll be fun to watch them turn from brown rectangles to green. The roof is a great place for an aerial shot lol.

  3. I’m wondering if there’s a way that I can actually shoot them from underneath…. if I could just get to the center of the earth and point my camera up…

  4. Yes, it’s surprising how many wonderful hours you can while away looking at dirt and wondering what’s going to come out of it. Ahhhh.

  5. This is less of a comment about your rectangular problem (though very funny) and more about letting you know just how much I enjoy this blog. I had no idea that vegie garden could be so darned amusing. I love that I can read your posts and chuckle…thanks!

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