5 comments on “Soaker Hose: Too Hard A Project For Me?

  1. Thank you! =) It is something that takes either incredibly dexterity or a helper to unreel the hose, lay it down and “staple” it with something like the landscape stakes I used, but it wasn’t too bad of a project. Don’t let the each hose go over about 75′ or the end gets very little water. I wish I could say I was done, but I still have to get one of those gadgets you’ve got and a timer…I’m so scatterbrained I keep forgetting to shut it off and everything gets flooded lol

  2. I hate hoses. You get all muddy when you’re not in the mood to be muddy, they take out plants, you have to roll them back up. Ick. I, myself, am waiting for them to come out with a cordless hose. And then I could just walk around with the sprayer thingie – no problem. Hey, I’m sure at one point they thought a cordless phone was impossible too.

  3. Ha!!! I agree with asonamagarden. A cordless, hoseless hose would be worthy of the nobel peace prize. And a pullitzer and maybe a hugo.

  4. I went for soaker hoses several years ago, and love them. I’ve got a number of tiny plots, so I can’t even set out any sort of conventional sprinkler and turn it on in one place and be done. Soaker hoses solve the problem. I don’t even take them all up in the winter; I figure they’ll drain before they freeze. So far, so good.

    Another argument against picking them up became clear yesterday when I couldn’t find one I HAD removed. Drat drat drat and dang.


  5. That’s funny. That would be my problem too which is also why i’m not going to bury my soaker hoses at all because I will forget where they got buried!

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