8 comments on “Bittman Says: Save The World

  1. My husband made me watch this, and some of the stuff my hubby makes me watch is pretty “out there,” but this is reasonable. I have many of Mark Bittman’s cookbooks. I make really really good pancakes from it, almost every Sunday. He’s a good writer…a good cook. He makes and promotes all kinds of food, including plenty of meat dishes. After watching it (and you really should watch the whole thing…even if it makes you feel guilty…I myself had just taken all the kids to McDonald’s…shhhh…don’t tell hubby), I realized that meat needs to be more of a side, and not the main meal! This is coming from and UBER carnivore. I would probably roll around in the stuff, if it were socially acceptable. Anyways, I almost never forward things through email, but I think this is important…and sensible. I sent the link to my entire family. I’m going to really try to like and eat my veggies (excluding asparagus…blech…don’t know how you folks eat that stuff). Grow on, gardeners!

  2. Great post! I was so thrilled when Mark Bittman came out with “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian,” and it’s now proudly on my shelf. Good for him–and for you!!!– for continuing to spread the good word!

  3. Jen, your husband sounds wise. Almost magical. Ship me one of those perfect pancakes!

    ourfriendben, thanks for your comment. Bittman’s How To Cook Nearly Everything is about the only cookbook I need (especially because I’m a fairly lame cook and wouldn’t know what to do with more). His approach to simplifying everything is what works for me.

    His view seems pretty practical to me. I could certainly never be a vegetarian, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need to eat 1/2 pound of corncow per day.

  4. Very cool asonmagarden. Must have been a cool event to see happen.

    Blair Randall’s talk on victory gardens… really great. Also worth a watch is Ben Ripple’s Bali’s Big Tree Farms and a whole talk on bees from Dennis Vanenglesdrop.

    I’m going to watch more. Thank you very much for pointing it out!

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