10 comments on “Amazing, Annoying Nature

  1. Do you suppose that in some tree-ruled universe there is a school that uses apache helicopters to help tree children learn about aerodynamics?

  2. I wish we had sugar maples and their helicopter wings here. Instead we have oaks which produced acorns in unusual abundance last fall. Walking around nearly required a helmet as it literally rained acorns all autumn. They made for fun play objects for the boys last fall too.

  3. I think the trees should give off truffles, ice cream and cheese. If they are going to bombard us, it should be with stuff that’s delicious.

    And for the children, action figures. If trees gave off action figures there’d be a lot more tree climbing going on.

  4. Around here the exuberantly excessive seed production is taken on by caragana, an alien spieces that I’d call invasive, if I weren’t so polite. It’s one of those charming bushy plants that produces seed pods that literally “pop” open, so on a hot day in August it can sound like miniature machine-gun fire. They produce thousands upon thousands upon thousands of little pods, which fall to the ground as hard, sharp, twisted skewers, just waiting for a foot. And every seed in those pods, I swear, germinates and sprouts. Argggg. Where oh where are the truffle trees, the truffle trees of my youth?

  5. I loved those growing up. My kids, with all their gadgets, aren’t so impressed. So I don’t get to share my fascination with them…I think if I had to deal with that many though, it’d get real old, real quick.

  6. Every year I seem to gather up a bucket full of them, just like when I was a kid, and then I send them flying all at once. Somehow it’s never as impressive as I want it to be and can’t match the crazy spectacle of hundreds of them blowing off of my roof.

  7. Poetic…thank you for taking the time to really consider what you write. It makes your blog a treat to read.

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