6 comments on “Topsy Turvy Tomatoes

  1. It makes sense, since tomatoes will spill over fences, cages, etc, and seem as happy growing down as up. Though they can’t grab or climb anything, they’re really vines, which is why their stems are so wimpy. Anyway, it sure sounds interesting.

  2. I’ve got mine built and hanging now. A couple of things I would change for the next time – build it higher and sturdier. I just used 2 stakes on each side to make the braces and 1 stake horizontally between them that holds the bucket. It’s probably not high enough and if the bucker gets heavier, it will snap the brace. But we’ll see.

  3. my plant was doing great its the usidedown topsy turvy but when i water it the water seems to hurt the leaves and makes then yellow and like rusted? what do you suggest
    / thanks

    • Hi Janey – well, i gave up on my topsy turvy test. I couldn’t get the same kind of growth that I do in the garden. The trouble with tomatoes is that they are very vulnerable to fungus diseases. Blight. And that gets brought on by moisture. When the plant is upside down, the water has nowhere to go but onto the plant. My suggestion is to water lightly. Don’t be afraid to let it dry up a bit. Water in the morning so that the sun during the day will dry the leaves out. Good luck!

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