7 comments on “A Game Of Tag!

  1. Heh! Another classic post. (And good picks, too.) I also love pizza–the perfect food!—and as awwful as the recent “Star Wars” movies are, I have a bad feeling about the earlier ones, too (except, of course, for Darth Vader). But how could you say you don’t like to eat vegetables?!! Maybe you just need to try them Southern style. And, ahem, where are Ben Franklin and Leonardo on your list?!!

  2. Thank you ourfriendben!

    I do like to eat the veggies. But I really like to look at them. I feel bad when I have to harvest!

    No question about it. Ben Franklin and Leonardo make the list of kick ass dudes.

  3. Thanks for tagging me! đŸ˜€ I *love* pizza if I’m careful about the ingredients (see my list of random things) but don’t like beer.. Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade is my current obsession lol

  4. Mike’s Hard Cranberry is nearly drink perfection. It’s a chick drink, no question about it. But I am secure enough in my complete lack of masculinity to drink it like crazy!

  5. Oh! But I’m not here. I’ve escaped to Mars!

    My next-door neighbour, Lucy, is starting a blog in a few weeks time. It will be called ‘Loose and Leafy’. Could she take up the tag instead of me? Because I’m not actually here. Not really. Ssssssshh – You haven’t seen me. I’ve gone. E.

  6. Honestly it felt wrong to tag you Esther! Your blog is so excellent because of its cover story! The intrusion of this tag silliness felt like breaking character! I’m sure that you or Lucy can come up with an in character way to make it work on the blog, but you should feel free to not acknowledge it at all on the blog!

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