8 comments on “Pleasing Power Of Pea Petals And Pods

  1. I have never managed a great pea harvest, mostly due to Fishy’s love for peas, sigh. Maybe next year.

    Hey, I finally got around to posting my six random things, come and check ’em out!


  2. Well, I’ll go so far as to agree with you that people seem to obsess about peas, maybe because they’re early , or because the vines, flowers, and pods are all beautiful, or because the pods seem to just grow themselves without any help from us. We confess to being snap pea fans ourselves, and are delighted with your cultivar recommendations (thanks!). But I must draw the line at saying they’re the second most popular vegetable! (Gasp!!!) What happened to corn and peppers and onions and potatoes and lettuce?!! Maybe “second most revered” instead?

  3. We never have peas long here…it gets too hot for them,
    but oh how I love them while they last!!
    I have not tried any of your varieties…maybe next year.;-)

  4. Ourfriendben – you are correct! And I think I’ve even cited that somewhere. The second most popular I think are potatoes. Your classification of the second most “revered” is far truer to the spirit of what I intended.

  5. Hi Kate –

    It’s true that even here I don’t get the pea bounty that I really want.. i never get the full early start. But I do get several harvestings of modest yields. Right now I am in between cascadia yields and have probably eaten 20 of them only. I’d love more. Next year I may do an entire bed of peas and see what happens. The greens are nice, but I get enough from my csa and could probably do without everything but the spinach and arugula.

  6. I have sampled Jones’ peas, and shall proclaim the cascadia pea the MOST delicious vege ever grown in a garden!

    Also…It’s fun to annoy him by calling them beans.

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