9 comments on “Green Growth Everywhere

  1. Thank you Nancy and Heather!

    There’s something really fun about tracking the changes in the garden over time. I honestly can’t believe how much growth there’s been in just the past three weeks.

    Since this last photo was taken, I’ve pulled out 1/2 of the bed of lettuces and I weeded the whole stinkin thing!

  2. OMG! Your garden looks like something out of ‘Little Shop of Horrors!” Even that tomato plant (god love or something???) that you planted in our container is a monster. I’ve never seen anything grow like it. I think you have some sort of hidden laboratory where you conduct your evil experiments; irradiating their DNA until your plants grow into freakishly oversized versions of normal mild mannered veggies!

  3. Yes susnpot you got a godlove tomato. And if it’s growing extra big for you it’s only because of the extra love it’s getting.

    I do have an evil laboratory, but most of my experiments center around developing x-ray vision. Way more uses for that than big plants.

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