5 comments on “Good Bug, Bad Bug

  1. And naturally, I remain a know it all about armadillos! Did you know that they usually give birth to quintuplets? I could go on. Hmmm…. maybe I’ll write an armadillo blog. I’d call it “Roadkillings”.

  2. How about just posting an armadillo true-n-false quiz on Compostings? I want to know more! (Like, why didn’t the armadillo cross the road, and just sat on it instead?)

  3. Ha!

    That’s a fine idea. I wonder if the poor little armadillos just think that their armor can handle a hit from a moving car?

    Here’s a poem I remember from a report I did in 6th grade. I don’t know who wrote it, but as I recall it was done for some armadillo celebration in Texas.:

    Armadillos, armadillos
    They’re too soft for pillows
    And too hard for rocks
    And they can’t dance a jig
    Because their feet are too big
    So why do we have armadillos?

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