12 comments on “Flowers: Most Of The Time You Can’t Eat These Things

  1. yep, Clematis it is, and a pretty one. I’ve been trying to find a place in my yard that one will grow in for the past 6 years…sigh

  2. Nancy – I wll send you this chunk of my yard, its mixture of sun and shade and the soil which is wholly untended!

    It is very pretty. Oddly, where we are on vacation right now has a big flower garden. On a trellis is a clematis. It’s a bit more sickly looking.. not fluffy like the one in my yard.

  3. Ha!!! Bring on the filet mignon flower. And a fried chicken flower, too, while you’re at it…

  4. A friend of mine told me that her mom used to cook pumpkin flowers in her skillet all of the time. I am really getting into the gardening thing, and I love watching things grow and eating the yummy results. I’m still not quite there, though, that I can picture eating the flowers. I will try. Sometime.
    By the way, thanks for the comments! I think those big brown bug with the big pincers looks worse than it is. I need to be less sqeamish and just grab the Japanese beetles and smoosh them, though, don’t I?

  5. Today I tried to get my kids interested in the newly growing veggies in the garden. “Look, a zucchini! A pea pod! A green bean!” They were unimpressed. I’ll bet if I had a pizza flower they’d be all over it.

  6. Thanks Amy! It’s probably gorgeous because I had almost nothing to do with it!

    Graceunbound, Pizza flower is perfect. Between a fried chicken flower and a pizza flower, I think we’re covered.

    Gardenmama, pumpkin flowers are great! And stuffed squash blossoms are perfect too. Definitely, squish those japanese beetles! THey are very crunchy and clingy… so if you don’t like the squishy, plop them all into a cup of water and then nuke them or something. They a prolific reproducers… lots to kill.

  7. Oooohhhhh… the purple cauliflower…..

    I’ve got a bean flower post ready to go. That’s pretty too. And you can eat the hell out of beans. Cauliflower too. No cauliflower in my garden this year and I’m sad…..

  8. It is gorgeous. I’m guessing it is a Jackmanii clematis, and yes, you cut it back to the ground after the frost, and it blooms yearly on new growth. I have one too, and similarly, I thought I’d killed mine, too, so I did some research! It like to have its “feet in the shade,” or a good cover of mulch for best flower production.

  9. Thank you henbogle for the id…. This year I cut it all back very early in the spring. This year, I’ll do the right thing and cut off all the dead twiggy bits late in the autumn. It really is gorgeous and it’s the first thing I see as I pull in to our driveway. Makes me want to figure out this flower thing……

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