11 comments on “What To Do With Blooming Tomatoes?

  1. Shala… never fear. THere is plenty of time for all of my tomatoes to rot, get eaten by creatures other than my family or stay green.

  2. It’s so interesting to me how different our gardens are growing when we’re so geographically close. Did you grow from seed or plant nursery starts? What day did you get them in the ground? Mine went in containers on 5/18 this year. I just picked our first ripe cherry tomatoes today and though I have good sized fruit on all of my tomato plants (Bonnie Original, Park’s Whopper, Celebrity, Early Girl, and 2 Brandywine Pink), no signs of ripening yet.

  3. About half of my tomatoes are from seed. The others I got as starts either online or through two local gardening centers. My seed starts have been going for a long time now and even the online orders got to me early. They were all in the ground by the end of May and I’d been hardening them off for a couple of weeks before that.

    This is early though! I’m on vacation now (this post was written, but not posted before I left for vacation) so we’ll see what I have ripe. My guess is that I’ll have at least a few that are very close.

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