10 comments on “Beans beans, the beautiful fruit!

  1. I was going to plant beans but didn’t get to it this year. I look forward to trying them next year.
    By the way, I posted a picture of the pests I got from my garden, and am having a hard time identifying one of them. Maybe you could help? I really need to get that book you were talking about, and soon!

  2. Love beans because they just keep producing. It’s a bit of a taste compromise from peas – peas are way more delicious, but the beans just go and go.

    I will take a look at your buggies and see if i can pinpoint them. When in doubt, smash the crap out of them!

  3. Donna – i love that idea! We buy into a csa (we share a full share with our friends) and absolutely love the fresh veggies. Even better to just buy from a local farmer with the ability to just pay what you can or what you think it’s worth.

  4. Those are pretty! I’m growing 2 kinds of pole beans, Gold of Bacau, which is new to me, and a friend’s pole beans he has been breeding, which are green and deliciously tender. They are just getting started climbing though, after going in a bit late. I’ll have to try the borlotto or purple trionfo.

  5. Can’t wait to be back from vacation and see how the pole beans are doing. My guess is that I’ve got some actual beans to go with the flowers. So far, the borlotto beans are INCREDIBLY vigorous. I got mine from the podchef’s gastrocast seed special and it was a great find. (seriously… check that podcast out… it is beyond great).

    Next year, i will double the pole beans. So worth it for the cool structure to climb and the lovely flowers. The yield is great too!

  6. I love my pole beans. I grow Kentucky Wonder and Contender. They are the perfect veggie, You don’t have to bend over to pick them and you can eat them at every stage. I just had a mixed, some snaps and some beans, last night for supper with some crusty cornbread. So good.

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