8 comments on “Sunday Bloody Tomato Sunday

  1. It has made me inexplicably sad…. This is easily the largest garden loss I’ve had!

    Perspective. If this is the most challenging thing I face this year… well, I think I’ll live!

  2. I have problems with blight as well. I think it is wind blown so can come from elsewhere. This year I am trying to grow tomatoes in a small lean-too greenhouse. I mean small, it has 4 tomatoes plants – in pots – and they are looking cramped. I have some tiny tomatoes forming, but will they get blight? Who knows, it is wait and see, but I am not counting my chickens (or tomatoes) yet!

    I have the additional problem of a poor summer here so I am not sure, if I get tomatoes, if they will ripen before autumn! As I write this I wonder why I bother!

    I hope your other plants survive. Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  3. Oh no! The carnage! That’s horrible. I’m so sorry you lost all of those plants. I hope the rest hang on and are strong.

  4. Hi Sylvia – Thanks for the kind wishes!

    The greenhouse is a good idea and something that I may do next year. I’m certainly going to skip at least one season of planting inthe garden with tomatoes. Between containers, a robust hanging plant scheme and a little greenhouse, I think that will keep me in tomatoes nicely.

    It does all sometimes make you wonder “why bother…” Stupid blight.

  5. Ha! It is carnage asonomagarden! I was even bleeding afterwards from small scratches. I could have been killed! Deadly nightshades indeed.

  6. Boy, that really is too bad. My mom has been having a hard time with her tomatos as well. It terrible to have to pull up that much of your garden! Maybe the ones that are left will have a renewed health.
    It’s probably good you didn’t treat them. Around here, they would get stolen for the copper on ’em.

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