6 comments on “On Growth And Gardens

  1. Your blog is not supposed to make me cry.

    I have a Kyle too. Too big. Stop growing.

    Darn you. I’m not coming back until you’re writing about beans or squash or something.

  2. Great post. I intentionally pulled my oldest out of summer preschool because I felt he needed this summer to pick berries, play in sand and be bored. That’s what summer is about, right? And I wanted to watch him do all of those things.

    One of my very favorite things to do is to watch him play in his own imaginary world. He’s so very focused and quiet and intent. He definately delves into his own world at those times.

    Our garden is starting to show it’s age too. We’re starting to see yellow leaves, signs of not enough water, vacant fruit trees. A fast growing season.

  3. That’s great asonoma! Summer really should be about picking berries, playing, boredom.. I love it.

    It’s funny, but my garden (which definitely got an early start and has been slightly disease interrupted) is feeling old even here on the east coast. This is usually the beginning of bumper crop time! But I’m already clearing entire beds and thinking about what to put in next. Of course, with all of the tomatoes I had to pull out, the whole thing looks extra empty to me.

    It’s a garden in its early dotage!

  4. Your piece was moving. I remember my Kyle, sitting in the bath. In the photo he’s a skinny 3 year old with a smile as big as a Cheshire cat. Sweet really. Anyway, he’s graduated from high school and out in the world now. He’s such a good kid. Honest and trustworthy as the day is long. My advice is to take lots and lots of photos… and keep blogging.

    Thanks for the memory.

    Dan of Henbogle

    Thanks much Dan. I swear I can already see the day that Kyle is out of high school too. I know he’ll be as great a kid then as he is now.. just like yours!

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