7 comments on “Podchef Says: Buy Local, I’ll Cook It For You

  1. I had a lot of fun sourcing ingredients and cooking every one dinner! If I live closer I’d do it more often.

    BTW–I found raspberries and oregano–all over my hometown of Glastonbury!!! Who knew in 35 miles there could be such a divide in local products?

  2. I’ve decided to convert my entire garden to just rasperries and oregano since there is nobody filling that niche around here! And… no blight for raspberries! I should have a lot of luck…

  3. And you’re not going to pass those garden tips on to the rest of us eager beavers? It looks like a great time and very yummy food. What an experience!

  4. I have 2 different kinds of oregano growing in my garden. I would have gladly shared! And I’m definitely more local than New Hampshire. It looks and sounds like it was delicious.

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