13 comments on “100 Millimeter Challenge: Eat Local Or Die Trying

  1. That was hysterical. I’d have dropped after 1 day without cheese. And today alone I ate tomatoes, beans, and peppers from my garden; but there was tunafish, grilled chicken, and potatoes thrown in as well. Everything in moderation.

    Thank you Heather! Cheese.. I could not live without it either.

  2. I’d sure feel better if I grew and raised everything myself. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem possible if you live in a urban area. I do plan to have my own sustainable fruits and veggies in the next four or five years. Probably could raise chickens. I’d have to check the legalities, but I digress
    Great post! You had me laughing my a** off.

    Thanks Eric! I’d love to have chickens, but my wife would flay me.

  3. Ha!!! This is priceless! Hmmm, never thought about spider egg sacs, but we sure have a God’s plenty around here. And what do you mena, no chickens?!! Chickens are easy, productive, personable, and fun! Don’t tell her I said so, but somebody needs reeducating. I myself would feel better if I had a manual well. Plenty of food, but it’s hard to last with no water (if the electricity, say, goes off)…

    My poor wife! She just can’t stand the thought of chickens. One of these days.. she’ll see the light.

  4. LOL that is so funny. I try to eat local, but really it is hard. Grain is not grown here in this part of the country (though there was an article that said that might be changing with the rise in prices). Beans aren’t grown here. Our winters are long. I’ve taken to eating from my garden, but it really needs to be added to. Even the challenges to eat one meal from the garden is hard. I easily can eat a salad, but no vinegar or oil is local. Even if I try I end up with one or two little things that don’t make the grade.

    Thanks Daphne. I suppose we just do what we can! Eating one part of a meal from the garden is not too bad and that’s a pretty good start!

  5. Me, I am happy with saving money on produce and spending more on better quality dairy, chocolate, and other products that I don’t grow myself, but hey, who am I?!

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  7. I’m a year late commenting on this post, but I just happened upon it. Hilarious! Spider eggs — we’ve got plenty of those! I’ll offer them to my kids tomorrow… 😉

    • Welcome to the silliness Meredith!

      Your website (greatstems.com) looks great. I know how bad the drought has been in Austin. Hope you’re getting some rain these days.

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