5 comments on “Silence Dogood: What If We Could Eat What We Wanted

  1. Hello

    Thanks for putting PICTURES JUST PICTURES on your list of blogs you are ‘Following’. It’s such a new feature, I wasn’t sure whether to use it or not – and you are the first person whose icon appears there . . . so THANKS!

    But I was confused for a while because, when I clicked on the icon, I was taken through to Noob Gardener . . . and couldn’t understand why, even if you had moved sites, I didn’t recognise the posts!

    (It is you, isn’t it? Fingers crossed I’m not in a worse muddle than I think!)

    Eventually I looked at the dates and realised the last post was in May 2007 and you (?) were about to start on the raised beds.

    I expect people will click on the icons, it’s sort of intriguing, especially while new . . . but if Blogger won’t let you link to this site through the ‘Followers’ system (what an awful name!) you might think of putting a re-direction on Noob so you can take attract people who come via PICTURES JUST PICTURES.

    It’s been quite an interesting trek!

    Meanwhile. thanks and best wishes


  2. ooohh.. thank you lucy. Looks like the follower feature is an automatic link to blogspot since that is your blogging platform. I didn’t even remember that blog! I’ve cleaned it up now and just posted a url to this silly blog.

    Happy to be following you! You pictures are really fantastic. Say hi to Esther if she ever returns!

  3. Thanks so much for the link to Poor Richard’s Almanac, and to A Sonoma Garden as well!

    Ha! I, er, see that I’ve been transformed into a blue, horned, batwinged monster over in your “Composting Commentors” column. I hope that’s not some kind of reflection on my personality!!!

    All I can say is that the creepy monster generator sees all and knows all. It’s taken a snapshot of your personality using telepathic satellite technology and based your avatar upon what it saw. I think that the result speaks for itself!

  4. Thanks for the link. I’m glad to find that my grandparents and great grandparents weren’t the only ones eating cream of soup and boxed cake mixes! I was definately expecting to find more things made from scratch. But we’re going to try some of those recipes out anyhow!

    All grandparent recipes, regardless of ingredients, are guaranteed to either be remarkably freaky (butter beans with frosting) or remarkably delicious… you’ll need to write about the outcome of your cooking!

  5. My grandparents did alot of cooking from scratch, but they were a product of their generation too. Convenient packaging of processed foods made their lives easier and unfortunately they do mine at times.

    Life is busy! We cook when we can and what we can given how much time we have and our own cooking abilities. We have more choices to eat these days than ever and it’s an unusual condition for our species. We do what we can I suppose..

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