12 comments on “Holy @#%& That’s Not A Potato!

  1. Yeeikes! Vampiric potatoes, what next. Hope you are up on your shots!

    Vole rabies! Or, maybe a lycanthrope. I’ll be a Werevole and strike terror into the hearts of.. nobody!

  2. Great collection of potatoes. Maybe I’ll skip trying to grow potatoes if you get voles with them. 🙂

    I don’t know. Voles are delicious mashed!

  3. Aaaaahhhhh!!! The dreaded werepotato!!!! And here I’d always thought potatoes were such a trouble-free, enjoyable crop. Now you’ve gone and scared me! Priceless post. And your crop looks fantastic!

    The only way to kill a werepotato….. silver slugs.

  4. It’s not a potato but it does have eyes! Ouch! You need a little sign with a post made for your garden next year that has a mouse graphic in the middle with the red circle and slash over it. Alas, I have a similar one for our garden complete with slug graphic behind the dreaded red circle and slash. it hasn’t seemed to help keep the slugs at bay. Is it because they can’t read or they just don’t care?

    Ha!!! I love it Dan. Let’s go into business together selling critter keep out signs. Slugs, deer, voles, bugs, harmful nematodes… cafepress here I come.

  5. That is hilarious. Not that you got bit of course, just your dialogue on it. I think i would jump up about a mile in the sky with shreaks of curse words following after me if that happened to me!

    Truth be told (and the truth is never as good a story) I was trying to gently guide the vole out of the garden when he took a little nibble. And.. um… yes. Then I flung him.

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  7. LOL! No seriously! This really did make me laugh out loud, which is something most writing doesn’t inspire in me. I love your voice. It’s consistently amusing and interesting to read. We have one of these living in our Zebra Grass, right near where the tap is for the hose. It scares the bejeezes out of me all the time. Its movement through the grass makes it sound 20x bigger, and for some reason I always forgets it lives there!!! Anyone out there have a humane way to encourage these critters to move out?

    Nice of you to say. But don’t encourage the silliness! It will go to my head and I’ll get progressively more ridiculous!

    My humane way of killing them was to let my cat into the garden. She’s having a great time as we speak.

  8. Lol, this is good stuff. Not that you got bit, of course, but that you find such a comical way to tell what probably happens to a lot of us. I actually found a little hole going into the side of a little hill that leads to my garden (little hill, then flat land where my garden is), and it was shortly after your post about finding those little varmets. I wondered if that was what that was, but didn’t have the guts to follow it. It’s still there. I guess I’ll find it when I do some more digging this Fall.

    Yep. That’s the first thing I noticed a couple of months ago. Feeding tunnels that raise the grass like mole hills that lead right into the garden, right into the potato patch.

  9. Being that I’m reading this at about 2am, my uncontrollable giggles have just awakened Jason and both Shibaboyz. Thanks for the chuckle before hitting the hay for the night!

    While I regret the awakening (let shibaboyz lie I always say) uncontrollable giggles are approved!

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