8 comments on “Television’s Lazy New Low

  1. Hopefully, the people at Fox (etc.) are now so firmly stuck in their holes – they’ll miss this edition of ‘Compostings’.

    The prospect of them chasing up these ‘good ideas’ is not beyond imagination (unfortunately).


    If the networks pick up one of these ideas, I promise to share the money with all my readers. The 5 of us will be wealthy.

  2. Oh, I love the idea for America’s Next Newscaster! That would be highly entertaining.

    Anyway, with shows like Hole in the Wall, I weep for the future! Or rather the present. And what is that show that’s on now where a bunch of muddy people throw themselves into giant balls in a pond? Have you seen the clips for that? What’s going on in America these days that people think this stuff is worth watching?

  3. This show is good for you!!!

    I happened upon this show, while surfing between McNeal/Lehrer and Victory Garden 😉

    And I stopped to watch because I was sure it was a parody of a game show.

    When I realized it wasn’t, I turned off the TV.

    So you see, this show can be good for you.

    Ha!!!! In that case, most of television is good for me, but what about video games?

  4. Ha!!! These are classic. But of course I especially loved the comment about broccoli. We don’t get TV reception here, so I sadly missed the new show, as well as the rest of Fox’s broadcasting lineup. But I agree with Chris, if I’d seen it I’d have assumed it was a parody. Maybe the writers were secretly writing a parody and foisting it on Fox to see if they could get away with it!

  5. I’m having trouble with feeds to PICTURES JUST PICTURES .

    Followers cannot access it at present through their Google Dashboards and it isn’t possible to click to the blog through Google Readers either. I’m assuming people using other Readers will be experiencing the same problem.

    Please excuse this format message – but I’m cutting and pasting it to ‘Followers’ and to other people who have left messages on PICTURES JUST PICTURES from time to time.

    When I have worked out what to do – I will. Meanwhile, I will continue to post daily.

    You can either use this link PICTURES JUST PICTURES or click through from the sidebar of LOOSE AND LEAFY.

    Internet Explorer Bookmarks still work

    (Members of Blotanical may sympathise if I say ‘Isn’t it Wonderful!’)

    Lucy Corrander

  6. I would like to have been in the room when someone came up with the brilliant idea for this game show. I can only imagine how that conversation went. The other options must have been really bad! I have to admit to watching the show a time or two, only after a full day of tending to two babies and needing to sit and have a cheap chuckle. I guess that makes me ineligible for partaking of the bounty, huh?

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