7 comments on “Colder, Wetter: Garden Looking Gnarly

  1. Good lord, is that your garden you’re talking about, or mine?!!!

    It could be! Most gardens I now peek at seem gnarlier and gnarlier. Right now mine looks like I’ve been trying to grow leaning tomato stakes and that the yield has been prolific!

  2. Didn’t know you Conn. folks used surfer terms. 🙂 My garden is not yet at the full-on gnarly stage, but it will be there soon. Well, we all can’t live in Calfornia where everything looks tubular year-round.

    Love it Greenwalks! I’ve been known to hang 10 here in Connecticut.

  3. Hmm have you got the garlic thing backwards?? I thought it was meant to be planted around the shortest day (some time late winter anyway) and left over summer, picking around the longest day (ish).

    I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve grown garlic! I am no pro! Does it grow well over winter too?

    Very few of us are pros! In my Connecticut climate garlic actually grows best overwinter. It will survive it. Timing is key. Needs to get in the ground early enough to just establish roots before hard freezing weather, but not so early that it starts to grow like mad. Sometimes planting just after the first frost works, but I’ll try and get mine in by the 3rd of October or so. Planting now means it will grow starting in the spring and be ready for a June-ish harvest. I’ll plant hardneck varieties and get some skape out of it too.

  4. Next year I want you to plant me some pumpkins!!!!

    Pumpkins for soup and delicious salty roasted seeds…. excellent. I will comply.

  5. Well, it’s been dry here but my garden is still hanging in there. I’m slowly harvesting the last of the tomatoes, (I’ve had the leaning stake thing going on for the past 2 months…next year it’s rebar cages) if the frost holds off for another month I may even get them all…big change from last year. My 2 pepper plants are doing fantastic, I actually got red peppers this year! yay! My basil and italian parsley are still hanging around.

    For such a piddly little garden, I think it is still looking pretty darn good!

    Very nice! I gave up on my basil a little too early this year right around when the tomatoes got blighted. I did just get my garlic… can’t wait to get that planted, but I have to be a little more patient and wait for frost to approach.

  6. I just found you blog via some other blogs. I love the pics that you have for the heading of your site, very cool! It is indeed sad to have the season come to a close! Like you, my peppers have been the strongest growers this season, in fact they are still blooming and I am still getting some great red pimento peppers off of them! I love these peppers because of how sweet they are, they are smaller than a reg. bell, but of so cute!

    If you have questions on growing garlic, go to my blog site. there I have lots of info in the subject. I have been growing garlic for a while and already have mine in the ground. I did mine a little early this year as I was getting fall fever!

    Great blog!

    Thanks Zach! Welcome. Your blog is perfect. Found a lot about garlic that will help me. I’m thinking of getting it in this weekend. No frost here yet and I think I have another week or two before it hits. I’d like to get it in and give them a shot to build some roots.

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