6 comments on “Peas Freeze Me

  1. I’m so stuck in a rut, I tend happily to do the same thing every year. (In part, this is because space is lacking and there are certain things I always need – so there’s not much room for experiment.)

    But I wish I’d thought of growing late peas. It is mild where I live and there are no frosts yet.


  2. Another item to add to my list of things to plant in my new raised veggie bed next year. No frost here yet…

    They should do very well in a raised bed. That little extra warmth will get them germinating faster. St. Patty’s day is a good time to get them planted.

  3. I planted some peas last month, but I don’t think they’re going to flower since I’m expecting frost any day now. I’d forgotten that I can eat the shoots! So I may just pick them now.

    Welcome to the mayhem here Jen! You’ve also very nicely reminded me that I can go out and pluck some shoots. I love them….

  4. We’re enjoying our peas too, although they are only producing enough for a mid-walk garden snack. No stir fries yet. We haven’t had a frost yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

  5. Urmph! What did the tomato ever do to you? There isn’t anything like a juicy, ripe tomato… some fresh mozzarella…. fresh basil… a little balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil… don’t forget the pinch of sea salt… ooo oooo.. and maybe a little fresh cracked pepper! I think you should reconsider your little plot against the red delicious tomato!

    Good to see you online… even if it’s not on facebook…. nudge nudge….wink wink…. c’mon you know you want to!

    Ah! My good friend Lynn! It’s been a long time and it’s nice to hear from you! I too love the tomato… I just killed most of them this year! And come now… why would I facebook when my wife is so completely obsessed with it already for the both of us?

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