5 comments on “Season’s Fleetings

  1. While you’re looking back over your gardening year, stop by my blog and you’ll find an award. I notice that one of your favorite posts was one I mentioned too….

    Well how very nice of you!!! Now I am more ashamed then ever of my self indulgence….

  2. I hope you don’t stop posting over the winter! I have realized that my ‘gardening’ blog has really taken a turn towards a ‘hear my crazy thoughts on life’ blog since the summer growing season has been ending. We still garden over the winter, but it’s not with the same amount of zest as in spring. I’ve enjoyed your blog immensely, my favorite post was the Not a Potato! post. Too funny.

    I will definitely still post. And there’s nothing wrong with the “crazy thoughts on life” approach! A Sonoma Garden is easily one of my favorite blogs going… keep up the crazy thoughts!

  3. Well, hey then! If you’re NOT stopping, then… where are you?! We at Poor Richard’s Almanac are missing your funny, iconoclastic posts! Come back!!!

    • Fair enough!

      I’ve actually gone into hiding and my fingernails have grown long and curly. If I were man enough, I’d have a crazy beard, but I’ve only got some patchy calico stubble. More hiding! More days spent in the cave and I’ll have that beard I tell you.

      Perhaps a blog post soon… I’m already getting seed catalogs and who doesn’t love that?

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