11 comments on “My Favorite Search Terms: Part 1

  1. Great! Thanks for answering my question! LOL!

    Being the caretaker of a handful of chickens, I could get a more detailed photo of ‘where-the-eggshell-comes-from’ if your readers need it.

    Ha! Yes. Photographic proof of the egg origins I think would definitely round this answer out.

  2. Ha!

    The other day, as my husband and I were eating eggs for breakfast, I asked him what his favorite part of the egg was…(you know, yolk or white…but I didn’t ask that specifically).

    And in true sarcastic husband fashion, he replied, “the shell.”

    Your husband sounds like my kind of people!

  3. Ha! I’d have said this was a cyclical question. Where do egg shells come from? Why, from chickens, of course! And where do chickens come from? Why, from egg shells, of course! As to which came first, don’t get me started. It was (obviously) the egg…

  4. I think I’ll try typing in random things and see if I land up here.

    That might be what you could do with your blog over winter. We could ask you questions and you could answer.


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