6 comments on “Time to get started!

  1. Good to hear from you! I’m gearing up to get ready for the season myself, thanks so much for the link to Skippy’s calendar…I haven’t been doing the garden blog rounds and have missed a lot!

  2. It’s good to have you back! My friends and I are getting together today to make one big seed order (from Seed Savers). We plan to start seeds by the end of this month, since none of us have heat lamps. This is my second gardening year, and I am planning to do a lot of things differently. I plan to increase the size of my garden as well as add more vegetables. I can’t wait! Thanks for the link, by the way =)

    • Hello again Gardenmama! Doesn’t it seem like the tinkering with the garden never stops? If I was really doing what I want again this year I would be making the thing bigger yet again! But I’m going to hold back and concentrate on getting the soil right. I also want to focus the crops. Seed Savers in my opinion is awesome and i love that you guys are getting together to do it!

  3. Oh yay, you’re back!

    I just ordered my seeds from Seed Savers this past weekend. This year I’m expanding my number of tomato plants and adding some more peppers. I’ve also totally changed the layout of my garden in an effort to fit a few more plants in. I’m going to try growing pole beans on a tee-pee, and trellising some cucumbers. I’m hoping for better luck with the seed starting, but I need to spring for a grow lamp so that I can do it down in the laundry room-I’m not moving them back and forth from kitchen table to countertop this year. I’m also hoping to plant some watermelon seeds down at my in-law’s farm because they have room for them and I don’t!

    • Hello graceunbound! I suppose i’m not quite back to full blogging action yet, but I’ll get there. Good for you on the pole beans! I’m going to do a lot more of those this year since they produce like crazy. I’d like better cucumbers this year and definitely more peppers too. I’ve got to grow something in the empty spot in my heart.. i mean garden where the tomatoes normally are. Let me know how your seed starts do…

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