7 comments on “Extending The Season

  1. What a wonderful article, and a great many ideas. I think I am like you. I am so far North that it is hard to extend my growing season too far. One thing that I have done to extend my lettuce growing season, was to sow the lettuce seeds in my garden on top of the snow. That way as the snow melts and the weather gets warmer, the seeds will germinate early. Or at least earlier that if I were to plant them!

    • Man! Can I sow everything on top of the snow? It’s like a perfect perpetual motion machine! Gonna have to try the lettuce. I get about a bajillion lettuce seeds. Can’t hurt to do some snow sowing!

  2. Hiya Compostings. I grow year-round in my unheated greenhouses (plastic-covered hoop houses) and in fact just finished up a huge salad with about 6 types of lettuce, some arugula, kale, green onions, carrots, small turnips, etc. I’m 6b but I am in Michigan…and it snowed 6 inches today! At least give a cold frame a try: they’re wonderful too.

    happy spring dreams,

    • Thank you El! Would love, love, love to build a polytunnel. How big are your hoop houses? Honestly if i could get salad greens even through December it would be worth it.

    • ooh… just looked at your site El. Awesome! You’re a keeper! Those hoop houses look fantastic. I wonder if I could do a miniature version here? Awfully windy, but i could build it with some protection from the woods on it’s western side and some protection on the southern side from the house.

  3. Hah! Thanks! My two greenhouses (or whatever you want to call them: I say “think green”) are 16′ wide and one’s 20′ long and the other is 28′ long. Yep, huge in suburban scale, but then again we love our salad! I think doing something smaller is eminently do-able, especially if you look at what Ali at Henbogle has done. Ours are fairly insulated from our winds because I sited them in such a way that adjacent buildings shelter them. But yeah, my biggest bugaboo is snow. We’re in a snowbelt so I needed professional-quality framing to stand up to the white stuff.

    You really can extend your seasons with stuff that’s not so crazy, though. I will do a post soon about a PVC conduit frame I threw over a couple of raised beds: I am going to put some plastic on them to get a jump on some peas.

    Thanks for the Google zones site! They’re so sneaky at Google!

    • El thanks for the reminder on Henbogle. I think i will link to her post on her hoophouses when i do my cold frame post.. which will be god knows when…

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