5 comments on “Garden Plan 2009

  1. Looks good! Text is a bit hard to read in the layout …no wait that’s just my old eyes. Any hint of garlic growth yet?

    • Ah the garlic! Planted in fall to deliver in June. There are no necks poking up yet under the snowy insulation and I have not checked on the cloves themselves. If they had some time in the fall they established the start of roots. If they didn’t.. well they probably rotted/froze or left for Italy.

  2. It’s nice to see you posting again. It has been a bitter winter here in CT. The tease of warm weather over last weekend has me itching to get out and garden, but it’s just not quite time yet.

    • Hello Heather! Thank you.. I’m happy to be posting again if not fully regularly at least kind of semi-sorta-regularly. I really wanted to plant something last weekend, but I resisted. I will be gone for about 10 days coming up and will miss the pea planting time, but I’ll take care of it at the end of the month and still be okay i think.

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