11 comments on “The First Vegetable Garden: White House Right On

  1. I was also struck by how much this garden is overwhelmed by the leafy greens. I’m sure they have a reason for that, I wonder what it is though?

    • I’m with you Valerie. I love the leafy greens also and get as many in as I can in 1 or 2 week successions, but I also have some devoted shade and the shade from some pole beans etc. I’m wondering if they intend to plant some other crop there once the heat of summer kicks in. The greens sure do love to suck up nitrogen. I can’t imagine that they haven’t thought of this…. it’s fairly basic and they must have a plan for some other crop.

  2. Hey, you know, most gardeners learn by doing and maybe the First Family will plant their next garden to include some of your favs. 🙂 I’m so thrilled about this, I’m trying not to nitpick. It’s there to inspire and educate more than anything. If the President actually gets out there an pulls weeds, I’ll be floored.

    • That’s the best attitude about it I think Greenwalks. I suppose we can’t help but critique, but we should just be more than happy that it’s there to begin with. I think it’s great.

  3. Go, First Garden! Although I looked at the video of Michelle digging the garden and for the life of me it looked like they were just trying to rake the grass right off the top of the dirt. Oh well, that was probably the photo-op, sod cutters aren’t very sexy.

    I’m impressed that they do seem to be trying to figure this out themselves, without someone telling them ‘ok, this is how you garden’. It will be interesting to watch the garden grow and change over the next 4 years. Many have been wondering what this First Lady’s ’cause’ would be and if it is growing your own food and organics then ‘YAY!’

    • Ha! It’s true graceunbound! I just watched that video and it does look like she’s kind of just poking at the grass. Heck, I know that when I cleared my spot, I tried to get the sod off myself. Gave that up real quick and just had it all tilled in.

      I think you’re probably right on the greens. It’s a sure thing to get the greens up and bountiful for lots of salads.

  4. Oh, and my guess on the greens heavy plan, if they are planning on using the produce for state dinners it is a lot easier to grow enough greens to do that than it would be to grow enough beans, etc to feed a large group.

  5. Hey, great to hear from you again!!! And I had to applaud Michelle Obama too. How thrilling to see veggies growing at the White House!

  6. Really suprised to see Ms Obama start an old-school garden that wastes water, offers poor yields, promotes topsoil erosion, and reduces oxygen producing grass.

    Its a shame that they didn’t read on modern gardening and install a nice square-foot garden. A square-foot garden uses 20% of the space and 10% of the water of a traditional garden, but with 100% of the yield. Not to mention they look far nicer.

    Its much easier to convince Americans to install a 3- or 4-foot box of food than the monstrosity they’re building in the South Lawn. Especially since theres no digging or tilling involved.

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