6 comments on “Garden Snooping

  1. I well now the art of “garden snooping” When I was visiting New Zealand 2007 I would walk the streets of the suburbs looking through the gates of many of the homes. Of course, I always took along my camera and would take many pictures. Us kiwis are quite the gardeners, well at least the older generation, I don’t know if the youngsters are going to keep up the tradition, I hope so.
    I have a couple of posts on some of the gardens “Through the garden gate” on my other blog http://keeweescorner.blogspot.com

    • Hello Keewee! Both of your blogs look great and such a nice story about the woman for whom you cared so much.

      If only i had a camera here with me! One of my friends in the ad agency just took some shots of the wisteria and grapefruit that I’ll have at some point. Perhaps I can post those pics when I get them.

  2. Sonoma is chalk full of gardens but most are behind well fenced yards. However there is this one behind open fence that I drive by regularly…since it’s not a well traveled road I often hit the brakes when going by to spy. It’s a really nice, huge well tended garden. I’m sure they are wondering who the crazy minivan driver is.

  3. I snoop discreetly. When I take walks, I’m always looking into people’s yards. I don’t go into them mind you, but I do look, craning my head occasionally to get a better view.

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