10 comments on “Let the dirty work begin!

    • I can imagine a number of gardens hiding out in haflway homes across the country Iasa! Mine is sure to turn state’s evidence against me soon the dirty rat.

  1. I don’t think I’d describe my garden as a mess. It’s just a patch of dirt (ok, slightly frozen mud), waiting to be re-tilled with some compost. But I do need to get out there in about a week or two to get the peas in. I’m getting excited! (And so far my seed starting efforts are going great, but my house will soon look like a garden store as I cover every flat surface with sprouting seeds.)

  2. My garden is brown. There are little hints of green showing up now. I planted the onions, peas, spinach, some lettuce, and leeks. Most of the main beds look pretty, just waiting for something to go in, but I still haven’t cleaned out all the leaves from the herb bed. I have to get on it. Maybe tomorrow. I also have the weird white domes popping up all over. Some plastic some remay. They never look pretty, but they do make the pretty part happen faster.

  3. I wouldn’t call it “hard at work” but we be gardening! We’re way up in WA state and last week was pea and lettuce planting time. Our indoor sprouts are sprouting. This is our first year, so we are nervous and excited like the new parents we are!

    And I know we have lots of hard work ahead. . .

  4. I don’t mean to sound like a garden snob or anything, but my garden in actually in really good shape. I was cleaning it all last week (SPRING BREAK) since there was no rain!

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