10 comments on “Garden Almost Clean, Almost Ready

  1. Wow!!! Your garden looks fabulous! And how exciting to find a toad (my favorites). And you’re right, the soil does look like it’s in great shape. Congratulations! (Now, see, if you only had a few chickens, you could throw the grubs and greeblies to them. They get so excited, you’d think you were giving them caviar and lobster…

    • Hello Ourfriendben! The toad was not happy to be found, but he was so sleepy (at least I hope that was it.. perhaps I whacked him with the hoe) he couldn’t protest all that much. And the chickens… well I believe I have a local solution for them next year as a friend is raising them! I will be putting them to work in my garden maybe even in the fall.

  2. Do you squish the festering nasties barehanded, or with gloves? I can squish, but only with muck gloves. Otherwise, yuk.

    • Howdy Ali. I have squished them barehanded from time to time, but I prefer having gloves on too. Whatever it takes to squish them though… that’s my motto.

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