9 comments on “Opposable Thumbs And Using Tools

  1. I think I’m going to have to take this idea and run with it, especially in these early years while I’m still trying to build up the depth and quality of my soil.

    Not this weekend though…my garden is currently lying under 6 inches of snow. 😦

    • Oh my! 6 inches of snow? Well, it’s possible we’ll get some more snow. I hope not, but it could happen.

      Truthfully doing the digging is required for me because I have never framed my beds. Some day i might, but not so far! So the soil just topples off throughout the year and i’ve got to plunk it back on.

  2. Okay, please don’t blame poor Darwin—who seems to get an inordinate amount of grief already—or those hapless one-celled organisms. instead, bear in mind that our evolutionary ancestors were designed to swing through trees, not till the soil! Damn those monkeys anyway.

  3. Hadn’t thought of digging into the paths to raise the beds. Clever. By the way, I keep reading about how raised beds heat up faster than flat soil in spring, thus extending the growing season. Why don’t they just cool down sooner too?

    • It’s hard to filter the truth of raised beds. The theory goes that raised beds warm earlier and longer because they receive better exposure to sunlight and improved air circulation. I doubt that there is much of an impact of warm air rising as a contributor since the beds are only raised a few inches. If it’s about sun exposure and then retention of heat, you could imagine that the surface area of the beds would work against them! My own experience (a terrible thing to draw on for real evidence!) tells me that this is not true. The raised beds are certainly warmer in the spring and stay warmer longer in the fall. This is a good question Kate! For me, I use raised beds because it allows me to control the soil more easily.

      Anybody have a better answer? Since I like to apply science whenever I can I’d love to know the truth of what’s at play to keep these beds warm.

  4. We don’t use raised beds for the temperature factor. In fact, our in-ground beds vs. our raised beds are at a draw this year so far for production. Additionally, we haven’t read anything that really says raising the beds is a way to warm them faster. So… why raise our beds?

    1. Depth. 2. Useable soil.

    We’ll write a post about it and y’all can read it there rather than taking up a HUGE space on yours. 😉

    p.s. I (Shannon) used to have that t-shirt when I was a kid. The Fonz t-shirt, that is. 🙂

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