13 comments on “Squirrels: Vermin or Plaguebearers?

  1. If you do get one, rumor has it that the early editions of The Joy of Cooking have quite a few squirrel recipies. Can’t say that I’d be brave enough to try them!

  2. That photo of the squirrels with the lightsabers has cheered me up for life. I won’t ask how you did that, since I’m such a Luddite I wouldn’t understand if you told me, but it is priceless. My 1943 Joy of Cooking has no squirrel recipes, but says that squirrel can be substituted for rabbit in Rabbit Fricassee, Sauteed Rabbit, Smothered Rabbit with Onions, Rabbit a la Mode (Hassenpfeffer), and Roast Rabbit. But I say, forget that. If you want to eat squirrel, try the official Kentucky state recipe, Burgoo (squirrel stew), a delicacy served annually at the Kentucky Derby and statewide in season. Google it and remember: Authentic recipes always use squirrel! But, ahem, please try to disarm them first.

    • HA!! I love it Ben. I am actually certain that I would like squirrel stew. Braised = tender right? Now, as for the picture, I should do a much better job of attribution. I completely lack the skills to create something so excellent. I found it online.

  3. If you want to ensure they won’t dig your garden up, spread a layer of used coffee grinds on the soil as a mulch. I’ve been experimenting with it, and so far a single application has deterred them for several weeks and counting.

    • Thank you for the idea Matt. I actually have a few cups of used grounds saved. Perhaps I can apply it in one precious spot. I’ll need to get a lot more coffee!

  4. As soon as I saw that picture, I couldn’t help but laugh. That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. If you do a YouTube search for “squirrel melt” there is a video of a huntress and her son who go squirrel hunting. I though it was a joke, until she showed the skinned, dead squirrel…lol I don’t think I would go that far!

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