14 comments on “Fall Planting Of Garlic Is Growing

  1. Lookin’ good, SJ! And while it seems weird to plant a vegetable in fall, that’s when we have to plant our spring bulbs, right? That always struck me as weird, too. I confess that I love garlic scapes more than the cloves! I just mince them and use them in sautes and stir-fries. Yum!!!!

  2. I guess I’ve just never thought that planting garlic in the fall was weird. I’ve always seen it done that way. I find it weird when the southerners plant in the spring as they sometimes do.

    • Truth is Daphne that I’d take the southerners growing season! But I’d probably still want to plant garlic in the fall. Force of habit.

  3. Garlic scapes are so good! I actually have to purchase them at the farmer’s market. Poor me. But this fall, we shall plant and have all we want next spring. Sweet!

    • I’ve got a friend who does all the cooking… get your hands on that gardeningvirgins! Highly recommended. Because then you get to eat the scapes without doing much other than getting them out of the dirt.

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  5. besides composite is tthere anything else that should be used to grow great garlic. such as azomite , greedsand , or a organic mixture of 10-10-10
    Carl P

    • I’ve never amended my existing soil for garlic beyond compost or some green manure. I’ve found that the most important thing for the soil is that it is relatively deep and loamy. I loosen it before planting and cover the bed with leaf mulch. In reading about garlic, I’ve seen it suggested that a nitrogen-rich foliage feed is good to apply to the leaves in the spring.

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