11 comments on “Off The Grid With New Garden And Chickens

  1. Well, I am like wise impressed…I have been trying for weeks to get my husband to hang a curtain rod! But this is exciting news about your friends!
    clay and limestone

  2. I too covet chickens. My husband says I’m crazy. Too complicated for our situation. My dogs would go crazy. He does not like eggs, I think that is the real reason.

    • Yeah the chickens are not a popular idea with my wife. She knows that she has 9 million things that she takes care of and the chickens would add to it.

  3. You could always be like me. I CAN build things. I was taught by my dad as a kid to do so many things. But I really hate doing it. Power tools scare me. I avoid them whenever possible.

    • Daphne! Embrace your inner builder and the power tools! I would love to be able to do those kinds of things. My father in law is very good at them as are a few of my friends. I never even know where to begin. That must mean that my wife married me solely for my good looks and charm… the poor thing.

    • Well I’m glad that there are so many gardens going up now among all of us Jen! But it’s definitely Chris and Kenny bringing on the chicken inspiration. Can’t wait to eat one. Of the chickens I mean. Not chris or kenny. Although… with that much hard work they probably have some delicious dark meat.

  4. Wow! What a fantastic coop! Now even I am jealous, and we love our chicken setup. And hey, you’re not alone. For me and both sides of my family, plugging in a cord is a major technological achievement. Actually—gasp!—BUILD something?!! Fuggedaboutit!

    • I’m very glad to know I’m not alone ben! But see you probably did somehow make your chicken area and coop and all of that. I would have been fully flumoxed or however you spell that word.

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