6 comments on “How To Add Dirt To Fingernails

  1. Ha! I was frantically potting up yesterday and potting soil particles blew all over my arms, shirt, and face as well! I looked like soemthing that had just staggered out of the Sahara after miraculously surviving a sandstorm! And yes, it was a great day for gardening and just enjoying.

    • And I’m assuming Ben that the good writers at Poor Richards have been following the news on the discovery of all of those new Ben Franklin letters! Can’t wait to see what comes of those.

  2. I got into the garden early in the morning so I wouldn’t have to work in the sun. It was so HOT. Today was hard too. I worked all morning doing garden chores, but didn’t get done. I’m now hot and sweaty and really not into anymore work. A tall glass of something cold with a good books sounds about right to round off the day.

    • Well daphne I sure hope you got that tall, cold glass of something with a nice book! I’ve done my back in pretty nicely and wasn’t really able to do much today, but… even with a bum back I can lift a book and a glass!

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