10 comments on “My Body Is Inorganic

  1. Hm, DEET scares me, but we don’t have such awful skeeters here, thankfully. They always go for my ankles too.

  2. Damn mosquitos. But I can’t face chemicals on the garden or on me, so I use Buzz Away Extreme Natural Insect Repellent. If you haven’t tried it, check it out and see what you think!

  3. Very cute! My husband is perpetual mosquito bait, too. Me, not so much. They seem to have favorite flavors. Congratulations on being one…
    (Yes, I would definitely use deet!)

    • Thank you Sande. I am happy to know that other people are mosquito magnets. Does your husband scratch them into scabby oblivion like a 7-year-old child like me?

  4. i feel for you. as a child i was eaten alive by mozzies, then as i got older i practiced a strict discipline of not scratching. they continued to bite, but less and less as i grew into an adult, continuing to practice the no scratch method. at first it is very difficult not to scratch, like giving up cigarettes, but i trained myself, even in my sleep. now i’m 38 and mozzies never bother me. i occasionally get bitten, but rarely and they are never make me itchy now.

    you could also try what the brilliant derrick jensen would do. just ask them to find their food elsewhere, or make a pact with them. animals are sentient beings like us. so try some mozzie whispering.

    • I like it PJ. But unfortunately the mosquitoes are on to me! Each time I whisper, they know that’s to draw them toward their doom.

  5. Here’s a tip from La’s swamp.
    Eat garlic reguarly, the bugs (or the ones in my neck of the woods) don’t like the smell in your skin and won’t bite.

    (Find a balance, too much garlic and your fellow humans will be able to smell you too. – fresh parsley will fix the breath/stomach smell.)

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