10 comments on “Busting Out: June

  1. June is wonderful with its all its growth. I just can’t wait for certain things. My peas are blooming too. I’m also growing Cascadia. The Super Sugar Snaps seem to be bursting out in blooms a bit better though. It won’t be too long before I get to pick them.

    • I’ve got three kinds of peas going. Cascadia (my favorite), Carouby (my second favorite), and Mr. Big because I wanted to try a variety I had never done. Can’t WAIT to eat these peas. Easily my favorite thing in the garden.

  2. Wow, your garden is growing like gangbusters! Can you taste those peas and beans yet? The romaine is perfect looking. That’s why we put in all the hard work… yum, the freshest veggies. I’m a few weeks ahead of you so far as legumes go. Loads of snow and snap peas, but I’m not tired of them. The beans are setting, a couple of weeks before I get to harvest.

    • Not a single slug! I swear.. very strange. None last year either. So far I’m almost completely pest free. This means that a giant meteor will strike my garden soon.

  3. That is some gorgeous looking romaine! We’ve never been able to get romaine to look romainish. I think we’re in Loose Leaf Zone.

    • Well.. all I can say asonoma, is that if romaine is the only advantage we’ve got over your zone… you’re doing just fine! I love romaine, but I am actually a loose leaf lettuce type anyway. I love any crop that allows you to just keep picking it. Romaine is tasty and crisp, but it’s one and done.

  4. Amazing pics! Can’t wait to eat some of that yummy goodness. You are definitely going to need to start thinking about best ways to preserve/freeze that bounty.

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