5 comments on “More Peas Please

  1. I’m loving Cascadia this year too. My Super Sugar Snaps are doing a touch better in production but they just don’t taste quite as good. I think next year I’m going to lose the snow peas and just grow snap peas. They just produce so much more.

  2. My hubby…who grew up with a big communal garden, gets an eye twitch when someone mentions “shelling peas.” He would cheer your philosophy of sticking to the lower labor intensive veges!

  3. I agree that the sugar snap peas really give you more for the space they need. Also, I just love the fact that my five year old eats more of them off the vine that at the dinner table.

  4. I didn’t realize they named a pea variety after my college nickname 🙂

    But I digress…I did snow peas and they are doing ok, not great. I want to do the snap peas too next year.

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