8 comments on “Scape: The Harbinger Of Garlic

    • It’s possible that I may have confused everybody even more sheila! Hmmm… let’s put it this way…. cut the scape when it curls. Period. And then eat it.

  1. Yes!!! Too bad they don’t keep like garlic. There are few things we relish more than a curly bunch of garlic scapes! (And yes, garlic-scape hummus is the best. Yum!!!! Hmmmm… I have some garlic scapes now… and lemon juice… maybe I’ll go make some white-bean hummus… )

  2. Yum. Can you bring some to Brooklyn? I need something that will turn my wife off to me…:-)

    Recipe please…do you add lemon juice? how about some curry powder?

  3. What sjones71 ate:

    All measurements are estimates on-a-counta I was making it up:

    2 cup Scapes cut into 2 inch lengths
    ½ cupish of Olive oil (best guess, as I drizzled it in until it looked right)
    3 cups Chick pea
    3 tablespoons tahini
    1 teaspoon salt
    3-4 dashes of red hot (or 2 pinch cayenne)
    Juice of a lemon (+ a bit more)

    Blend or food process Scapes and Olive Oil. I found it took a while to breakdown the “allium cellular conflagration” (couple of minutes)
    Add everything else, and blend away until hummussy texture is achieved

    Save a few of curliest scapes for garnish and guild the lily

    @ Byran T red curry dusted on top for color and yum… next time.

  4. Heyas!!! We (and by “we” i mean hubby) also made chimichurri last night with the glorious abundance of scapes you brought us!!! I will never eat chimichurri any other way. It was fabulous. I want to dip everything in it…i want to bathe in it. OMG DE. LIC. OUS. Keep ’em coming jones.

  5. I am picking up some tomorrow morning in Hampton. I am going to bring your recipe with some freshly toasted naan. I am going to top it with some finely diced (and fried) shallots.

    what do you think?

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