6 comments on “Compostings: Straight To Video

  1. Wow! You really do have a face/body for radio.

    But I agree with you in that the peppers SUCK this year. Mine look just as bad as yours. Oh wait, you didn’t actually film them.

  2. Wow, I had pictured you as a nerdy little guy, not a manly man! My peppers are doing just awful this year too. It’s probably about 5 degrees cooler down here on the shore and mine aren’t even setting fruit yet. I think we’ve had a grand total of 4 days at 80 or higher. My husband and I don’t remember ever having such a non-summer in CT before.

    • Heather is the winner of the All Time Compostings Award For Excellence In Commenting. Has nothing to do with you calling me a manly man. Strictly based on other items that are too complicated to explain. (For the record… I am as nerdy as they come. I read science fiction. Fantasy novels. Played d+d forever. Play World Of Warcraft. I like comic books and movies about superheroes. I think the new Battlestar Galactica is the second best tv show ever after Buffy. It’s not pretty.)

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