5 comments on “Bush Beans: How big? How Small?

  1. Ow! Sorry you are getting bitten by ants. Your beans look big for bush beans – mine are in the shrimpy side in comparison, and I also have Provider. Well, I started them late and haven’t watered enough, probably. Yes, finding the exact right size to pick is challenging – I grew purple beans for a couple of years because although they didn’t taste as good, at least they were easier to spot and not let get over the hill! Mmm, IPA.

    • Poor little ants never stood a chance! They can bite me by the millions, but I can flick. This year’s beans seem to have gone very tall on me, but not crazy. The pole beans of course are about 6 feet, but the bush beans are just a couple of feet. But they are very floppy this year.

  2. I agree with the beer insight. Why would anyone drink a beer that is not an IPA? Unless it is a Sam Adams Summer or Spring Ale.

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