9 comments on “Next Year’s Plan: Less Diversity, More Intensity

  1. Oh, my! Wish all gardeners (including me) were as honest as you. I have an all-inclusive blame strategy whenever anything doesn’t succeed: It’s because I’m too damn lazy to get out there and water and weed it as I should. Frankly, that about covers everything!

    • How true how true Ourfriendben! The weather screwed me on a few things and the rest.. is all me! Lazy or bad planting plan. But there was a lot of success too. Just nothing like last year.

  2. Now that I’ve moved back to Southern Cal I’ve been thinking about starting a vegetable garden. Guess I won’t be able to use any excuses about the weather though! Thanks for giving me some good laughs on a Friday. You’re almost funnier in the blogosphere than you are in person. ~Stephanie

    • Wow! Quick on the trigger Stephanie! I promise to also comment on your blog. And I forgot that you are back in California. Absolutely no excuse to not have a veg garden!

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