6 comments on “Garden Plan 2010

  1. You are so organized with your spreadsheet! But where is your giant tomato patch? They were so successful for you last year!

    • Oh the dang tomatoes! After a couple of years of heartbreak with blight, I’m fully resting the soil from tomatoes and potatoes. I will miss them (and may do a container with a plant or two), but I just can’t devote that much space to failure again for a while.

  2. So I’m brand new to figuring out the Monsanto monster, and at your advice just ordered my seeds from Pinetree Gardens (?) in Maine. I’m going with a simpler garden this year too. Mostly the crops that the kids couldn’t get enough of, plus adding asparagus after wishing I’d done so the past 12 years. We will be away for the entire month of July, so I’m nervous what will happen in the garden then, and mostly planting early spring and late producing varieties. Good luck with your garden!

    • You’ll do well with Pinetree Gardens Lynn. The service has been a bit slow, but it will all get to you! I’d love to do asparagus. One of these days. Let me know how yours turns out and drop some off when it’s up in a couple of years! In fact, drop it all off with me!

    • It’s a little sad isn’t it Heather? But really last year I didn’t even have that many tomatoes. I am going to completely rest the soil. I may do a container tomato or two, but that’s it.

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