10 comments on “I’d Like It To Be Time To Plant My Peas Please

  1. The packet of seed peas I got says to plant the peas as soon as the soil is workable. I planted my peas this past Saturday and I was thinking I was too late! Last year I planted the peas in May and they did terribly. I would plant a few as a test. You never know, you may have a good micro-climate for peas.

    • Hi David – Odds are that you’ll be okay having planted those peas. I am always suspicious of March Connecticut weather. It’s 55 now, but it will be 20 at least 2 more times and that’s too low for peas. We’ll probably get at least one more major snowstorm too. My usual timing for peas is just after St. Patricks day. If I get them in around the 20th, I do well.

      • I love that I can cheat and follow your planting timeline this year. I had seeds out in from of me as well last weekend, but ended up caught up in yard clean-up. So, next weekend’s the plan eh?

        BTW, I like the new layout of your blog.

      • Thanks Sonya! I’m not a strong graphic design guy so the templates in wordpress help me. I find I tinker a lot because it is easy. Usually it comes down to which widgets work. Very often the templates don’t allow for a blogroll and I need that! It’s pretty much how I read all of the other blogs out there.

        With our weather in CT now (despite all of the rain this weekend) I think it’s safe to get peas in now. We will get some cold temps and maybe even some snow, but we should be okay.

  2. Yeah, I’d be afraid the peas would rot in the cold soil, SJ. Takes a lot longer for the soil to warm up than the air (or even us, for that matter!). Glad you’re enjoying Eliot Coleman’s book. I’ll head over to Podchef’s review and check it out (but then, gulp, I might just have to buy it…)!

    • I hear you Our Friend Ben! I go through garden book spurts that may leave us destitute.

      I think I may cheat a little on the peas. The earthbox I have is much warmer than the soil in the garden. With some cover on them, I’m feeling good about the peas in the next few days.

  3. Conventional wisdom is St. Patrick’s Day for peas in CT, but I have never actually managed to get them in that early because it’s been too wet in my garden to plant. Which it may well be again this year after the 3 days of solid rain we just got. I’ll try on Wednesday, but I’m not at all confident. I am looking forward to a sunny week to go a little garden clean-up. Or at least get out for a walk or two, have to do something about the winter gut hanging over my jeans!

  4. Yes, now is the time to plant peas. We are also having luck with greens and other plants that do not mind the colder weather. Our nights hit as low as 22 last week and the seeds are still pushing up. We did cheat the system though and are growing in gutters with a roofing heater placed in the soil. You can see more on our Blog.

    • Very cool experiment with the roofing heaters! I am waiting just a few more days to get my peas in. The weather is quiet warm and I’m not worried about them getting frozen, but you just never know with Connecticut in March.

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